Love From London!!! Feature on Never Mind The Bolloxs, written by Verna Taylor Barker



As many of you may have noticed I do like things that are a little different. I am constantly on the look out for shoes, bags, jewellery and clothes that really excite me and that have not been seen before. Being a stylist means I am often approached by brands to use their designs for photo shoots more recently however as I have become a bit more of a 'regular fixture' at fashion parties and events, I am being offered things to wear in the hope I will be photographed wearing a particular brand. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is a great way for brands to have their designs seen on the fashion circuit and is a fantastic marketing tool for them. For me however I am very picky and will only wear designs that work with my style, I am not someone who will support something just because I have been gifted it, I have to love it and it has to work for me and my style. I also love to hear the story behind how a design came about. Not all designers have investors or come from rich families who support them, most designers in fact start out completely on their own, with a great concept but no money and no idea how to develop their product. These are the brands that need our support most and this is why I am very selective about my brand support.  
One such item I was offered was a handbag from a brand called PHOMAZ. Based in Chicago PHOMAZ designs and produces handbags made with acoustic foam and crocodile vinyl. I loved the cool, edgy design and its obvious association with the music scene. The designer Beth Radzin Swanson didn't go to design college but actually worked in marketing and advertising for over twenty years. At 42 however Beth needed a change in direction. Always, having a love of fashion and music, Beth wanted to create something truly original. "Fashion has always been a way to express myself and stand out from the rest" A girl after my own heart!

The uniqueness of Phomaz Handbags has already been noticed by major fashion experts. Zip Zone France invited Phomaz to attend their show at The Louvre during Paris Fashion Week. Synergy Events invited Phomaz to walk the runway simultaneously at Boston Fashion Week. Most recently, Phomaz has been featured in British Vogue, including Vogue100, for 3 issues.
If you love these bags as much as I do, you can purchase your very own at