designer spotlight music meets fashion Phomaz acoustic foam handbags



Beth Radzin Swanson wasn’t a little girl who dreamed of designing. She didn’t go to design school. She spent over 20 years in marketing and advertising and was always very good at what she did.

At 42, having lost both her parents, she found herself needing a new purpose.

Always having a love of fashion and music, Beth wanted to create something truly original. “Fashion has always been a way to express myself and out from the rest. If I’m going to an event, and know most of the women will be wearing black, I want to be the only one in purple.”

Beth sought out branding guru, Jay Leopardi. Using acoustic foam, found on the walls of a recording studio, they developed the prototype for the original Rad tote design. A year and several working samples later, the bag was perfected. Shortly after that, Beth had designed and added the Rad Mini to the collection.

The uniqueness of Phomaz bags has already been noticed by major fashion experts. Zip Zone France invited Phomaz to attend their show at the Louvre during Paris Fashion Week. Synergy Events invited Phomaz to debut simultaneously at Boston Fashion Week.

Using foam as a handbag textile, creating multiple limited editions, you will be assured you own a unique fashion forward special handbag made with love in Chicago, IL