©IKON London Magazine  December 13,2015 by Tamara Dumas



One new style innovation in the world of handbags is the quirky Phomaz bags. Created with love in Chicago, Illinois. I had the pleasure in meeting Beth Radzin Swanson, the mastermind behind the designs during Paris Fashion week in September. Beth was invited to display her designs in ZipZone, conveniently located in iconic art deco corridors of Louvre.


The story behind her unique designs is nothing short of fascinating- an empowering story of overcoming challenges and re-building life anew. Beth Radzin Swanson wasn’t one of those little girls who dreamed of designing. She didn’t go to design school. Instead, she spent over 20 years in marketing and advertising and was always very good at what she did. At age of 42, after having lost both her parents to cancer, she found herself needing a new purpose. She decided to quit her job and instead use her skills elsewhere.


Tamara Dumas, model and fashion editor at Ikon London Magazine with Phomaz handbag


Beth has always had a passion for music and fashion and her first prototype Rad Tote bag was designed from acoustic foam often found in the recording studios. A year and several working samples later the bag was perfected, with Rad Mini following shortly after. For her materials Beth uses the same supplier who provided foam when her parents needed eyewear with wind protection -which Beth lovingly designed herself.


The extremely light and eye-catching Phomaz bags have already been noticed by major fashion experts. Synergy Fashion Events invited Phomaz to debut simultaneously at Boston Fashion Week, as well as Paris Fashion Week organisers have invited Beth to show her designs in Louvre. Her designs have attracted the attention of various publications. Being a very busy woman, she has even managed to keep her open-minded approach to life and people. She admits that she will give any business idea a chance and run with the best that comes out of it.


illustration of model and Phomaz fashion handbag


Guys, a warm welcome to Phomaz! The bags can currently be purchased online (www.phomaz.com), while Beth is negotiating with UK stockists.