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There’s something about Phomaz handbags. They are stylish and versatile, bold and edgy. If you are in a search for something special, new, unique, fashionable, and eye-catching, this bag will surely enrich your style.

Beth Radzin Swanson, fueled by her love for fashion and music, created Phomaz, an inventive handbags label on the constant rise. She’s charming and creative, not to mention a marvelously talented bag designer. With help of branding guru Jay Leopardi, Beth chose to create an unusual combination of materials to create bold shapes for her unique handbags. Using acoustic foam from the walls of a recording studio (hence the connection with music), they developed the prototype for the original Rad Tote design. After a year of further development, the bag was finally ready. Shortly after that, Beth added to the collection her newest design, the seductive Rad Mini.

Many fashion experts were smitten with Phomaz’s bold and innovative design. The sole fashion forward concept of the brand earned it a place at numerous important events, such as Paris andBoston Fashion Week, as well as a spot in May 2016 issue of Vogue UK.

Crafted with great attention to details, with attractive acoustic foam instead of conventional handbag textile, Phomaz bags undoubtedly possess that special feeling of owning not only a limited edition handbag, but also a true fashion statement.

Website:Vukota Brajovic for Fashionela